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Email to Fax Services

How Does Email to Fax Service Work?  

  1. 1. Retrieve Email and Fax It
  2. 2. Receive Email and Fax It
  3. 3. Receive fax from desktop applications
  4. 4. Web Faxing
  5. 5. Email to Paging
  6. 6. Web Paging
  7. 7. E-Commerce
  1. 1. Retrieve Email and Fax It.'s email to fax capabilities are wide ranging. We can retrieve mail from existing email accounts and fax it to any fax number in the world.  Users are not required to have an email accounts, we can create  email accounts directly on our server.  Mark3's users setup an account to include a fax number in the address of their emails. The emails will then be faxed to that number.  

    example: email to will automatically get forwarded to, which will deliver the message to the fax machine at 555-1212. 

    2. Receive Email and Fax It 

    We can deliver email and fax it to an electronic address created directly on our server.  Publish your unique email address on business cards, brochures and letterhead.  Client  and customer email will delivered to your fax machine.  You can avoid the additional cost of an Internet connection at your office without sacrificing communications.  

    3.  Receive Fax from Desktop Applications has a free printer driver that you can install on client workstations. This printer driver will allow you  to send any Windows™ document over the Internet to a  our server.  The document can be faxed to any number specified. This is just one example of how using the Internet and provide extraordinary savings in long distance fees.  

    4. Web Faxing offers web based faxing to your clients.  Especially suited for commerce and ordering solutions, we deliver web based forms and documents to business that traditionally accept fax orders.  To see an example of web based faxing, click here.  

    5. Email to Pager can send email via POP or SMTP to an alphanumeric pager.  Multiple pages can be sent in a single call if the message is too long. can either send an  entire message or just notify the sender that they have email.  

    6. Web Paging  

    You can send alphanumeric pages from web pages.  For businesses with clients on the go, this is the perfect solution. An example of this service would be a real estate company, they could: 

    • Include a form on a web page that asked the Internet user about the type of house they wanted. 
    • Send a synopsis of the data to a Alphanumeric Pager Account. 
    • would deliver the data from the Web page to the real-estate agent's pagers. 

      The real-estate agents could call back the Internet user with an offer of service. 

    7. E-commerce

          Faxing E-Commerce Orders to Clients    

Web users from all over the world come to our clients' web pages and place orders for goods ranging from flowers to vacation packages.  For 'Internet-centric' clients, emailing the orders to them work well.  However, for other clients, email does not work so well.  

While many clients have email, they lacked 'real time' email and logged on to their on-line service provider at  various intervals to check their email and check for orders.  Many clients view this process as inefficient and unfriendly.  

In an effort to provide first class customer service, provides an automated process so orders can be faxed to you.  An order could be submitted on your web page at say 1:00 p.m. and be on your fax machine at 1:01 p.m..  This was definitely the 'customer service oriented' solution that we  wanted to provide to our customers.    

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